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Welcome to my official website! I'm nothing more than normal guy who found a way to make the world a better place through technology.

My Skills and Expertise

Music Promotion 100%
Brand Profiling 100%
Digital Marketing 100%
Web Development 100%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 100%
Programming 85%


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About Iking Ferry

Ikechukwu E. Mbadiwe, commonly known as Iking Ferry is a Nigerian entrepreneur, music executive, brand profiler, writer, technologist, web developer, digital marketer, and philanthropist.

Early Life

I was born on September 6, 1996, in Elele, Rivers, but originally hail from Izzi, Ebonyi State in the family of Mr. Mbadiwe Innocent Agwu and Mrs. Chinyere Mbadiwe. In 2002 I move to Boki, Cross River with my Dad and Step Mother, where I started my primary education, at Katchuan Community Primary School. In 2005 we return home, and I continued and obtain my First School Leaving Certificate on the 22nd of July 2009 at Mkpuma Ekwoku Community Primary school. I gain admission in 2010 to a Boarding school, at Community Secondary School Nwofe Agbaja, where I obtain my Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in 2012. and continued my secondary education in 2013 at Union Secondary School Ndiezoke, where I graduated with West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) in 2015. After the Completion of my primary and Secondary Education in Ebonyi State, In 2018 I was admitted into the Yaba College of Education (YABATECH) a renowned polytechnic college in Nigeria. to study Accounting which I drop out at my 200 level because while I was at Yabatech, I simultaneously pursued an online course in Music Business and Digital Marketing at the Los Angeles College of Music, California, United States of America. Thereafter, In 2019 I was admitted into the University of Lagos (UNILAG) to complete my bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Profesional Life

I started my first business when I was 7 years old selling black-market kerosene in rural markets. it came naturally to me. I am probably one of the most optimistic people you’ll ever meet. when I was in boarding school I found myself facing some of the biggest challenges of my life, and my struggles to pay my school fees were the biggest inspiration for my entrepreneurship journey. I once had a Mimi shop in the village, where I charge and Repair phones, and sell mobile phone accessories and airtime. while in boarding school, I started Shoe-making and selling kerosene in the hostel.

As If that wasn’t enough, coming from a polygamous family that was going through a lot of financial hardship and since I’m the oldest of the 3 kids of my mum, I felt it was my responsibility to take care of myself and the younger ones.

After completing my primary and secondary education in the village, I move to Lagos in 2015, in search of a greater pasture and to further my education. I started a job as a mobile telecom engineer in Ajah, Lekki, and after some years my passion for music made me pursue an online course in Music Business and Digital Marketing.

After gathering substantial knowledge in the field of music, technology, and digital marketing with lots of online training and research I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2018 when I founded Naijatraffic, a media, and technology company that focuses on helping musicians and creators to promote and distribute their music.

Since the beginning of my journey in 2018, I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of musicians both A-list and Upcoming, and Records label owners, brands, and top companies all over the world.

In 2019, I created Young Boss Empire, an artist management company that focuses on A&R, music PR, and business!

In 2020, I launched Naijatraffic Awards, a platform to Promote, Encourage and celebrate the Achievements of the New Generation for their Various Creativity in the Industry. The body has consistently uplifted Nigerian music on the Global stage since its inception.

In 2021, I launched Naijatraffic Digital, a Premium Ads marketing campaign tool designed for musicians, influencers, and business owners for brand awareness. which focuses on digital distribution, social media marketing, web development, Brand Profiling, Digital streaming Ads marketing campaigns, Music Top Chartting, Publishing, and Licensing.

In 2022, I founded Naijatraffic Luxury, an automobile company that provides Car Rental services with a wide range of Luxurious cars and Armed Personnel For Vip Escort.

In 2022, I launched Wakadaily, an Independent Nigeria newspaper and magazine company.

In 2022, I founded Prime Newspaper, an online Investigative Newspaper, aimed to provide a groundbreaking news website that encourages citizens to report ongoing corruption and government.

In 2022, I Created an entertainment site, Naijatelegraph, sharing stories about people, events, and culture.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I had several failures (not-listed above). and Investments in some private sectors, I simply learned from those and kept moving forward.

Personal Life

I am happily married to my beautiful wife, Treasure Ikechukwu, but I prefer to call her Queen Ferry, She is super smart and intelligent. In my free time, I love to keep fit, so I spend most of my leisure time at the gym. I also enjoy watching movies, reading, traveling, and hanging out with my friends and family.


I believe that Giving is the highest level of living. That’s why I created the Naijatraffic Awards through which we support, encourage, and celebrate the best and brightest talents in the Nigerian music industry who have done wonderfully well in their musical career. and also to celebrate, encourage and promote the achievement of the new generations who also have done wonderfully well in their various fields and not getting enough recognition.

I will not rule out having a foundation, if that will further aid my objective of giving back to society; on the other hand, I choose to be a silent donor to good causes. Nonetheless, I will also not stop doing what I have been doing since my secondary school days: helping those whose paths cross mine.